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This is an old version.

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Jump to gain momentum, balance on a the shaky platform, and dodge space debris that keeps increasing!
Play alone using both WASD and Arrow controls or better yet play with a friend!
How high can you go?

Controller support TBD

This started as a student project a few months ago and now I'm working on it on the side with my friend.
All feedback is welcome! :D
Note that there were small tweaks since the game was demoed on Friday. For example, the platform rotation was loosened and now it rotates faster, which addresses the feedback that said the game became too easy . Also, added back camera rotation but in a limited capacity.

Mac version is untested at the moment.

Please contact me if there are any problems.


Latest version March 8, 2015

Update2: fixed obstacles not appearing after about 1000m!

Install instructions

Windows: launch exe

Mac: luanch the app file


MacBuild.zip 26 MB
WinBuild.zip 13 MB

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